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Sockwell Men's Ultra Light Ski Sock - Moderate Compression


$ 27.95 

The Sockwell Ultra Light Compression Ski Socks are just what you need to ride deep pow or stand in lift lines all day long. Compression socks work so well that they are banned from competition in many sports. Ski longer and recover faster. The Sockwell Ski Socks are American Made and feature added protection for the shins, heels and sole. Lighter and thinner than the Medium Weight ski socks, but also comfortable and warm. Wear these ski socks on your next flight and feel great walking off the plane!

Spandex throughout the Sock
Graduated Compression Leg
Turn Welt Top
Arch Support
Seamless Toe Closure

Moderate 15-20mmHg


36% Merino Wool
42% Nylon
11% Alpaca
6% Bamboo Rayon
5% Spandex