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Scott World Cup 94 Junior Slalom Ski Racing Pole


$ 64.95 

Like the adult version, Scott brings back "La Bomba" and the vintage graphic of the WC 94 in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Italian superstar Alberto Tomba's World Cup Title. The Scott WC 94 is made from S3 Aluminum Alloy and the 16mm shaft is lightweight, balanced and aerodynamic to give you the speed and technical ability (with any luck and a whole lot of training) Alberto Tomba had in 1995 when he captured the overall World Cup title!

The WC 94 has a Jr. Notch Strike Grip that is ergonomic for the hand, and the light strap will keep a snug grip around your wrist. Scott builds the Race Basket and Race Tip to be durable and strong. Alberto Tomba's string of victories remains impressive even to this day. Celebrate one of the most historic seasons in World Cup History, one of the most successful and colorful athletes in World Cup history, with the Scott WC 94.

We would be amiss if we didn't mention that the Junior WC 94 is also one of the best made junior ski poles on the market. Like it's adult counterpart, it features one piece shaft construction and is Made in Italy!


  • S3 Aluminum Alloy Shaft
  • 16mm Shaft Diameter
  • Jr. Notch Strike Grip
  • Lite Strap
  • Race Basket
  • Racing Tip