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Level CF Ski Racing Gloves


$ 119.95 $ 149.95

Level continues to make what we know to be superior gloves. These well designed and manufactured gloves continue to be among the best products we have ever reviewed and the CF Race Gloves are no exception. Handcrafted of the finest soft and supple cowhide leather with only the highest of quality stitching. These race gloves are a ski racer's dream glove. A glove that will last well beyond expectations and will remain warm and soft over it's lifespan.

Each glove is designed for optimum performance and durability, using the world's best materials. Level carefully chooses the right insulation, water-proof system, and shell material to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable every day you're on the mountain. The Level CF Race Gloves include the Kirax Reflex Stimulator and Fiberglass Knuckle Protection to prevent knuckle injury when hitting gates.

These Race Gloves have been Level's most popular race product.


  • All soft, supple, cowhide leather
  • 150 grams Thinsulate insulation
  • Knuckle protection device in fiber-glass material
  • Level Custom Fit System, just heat up the glove for 3 minutes at 80 degrees and then wear the gloves for 3 to 5 minutes resulting in a glove that is molded to your hand, a custom fit.
  • Kirax reflex stimulator

    The TECHNICAL SIDE: Kirax exerts gentle pressure to stimulate the skin's reflex system in a specific joint area where nerves concentrate. The brain instantly receives the increased neurological flow generated by Kirax and responds by delivering increased functional capacity to the nervous system. Benefits of the Kirax Reflex Stimulator

    Performance and Energy: more strength, more endurance, better balance, faster reflexes

    Well-Being: helps to reduce fatigue, helps to reduce pain, during and after sports, helps to reduce the risk of injury