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Giro Ledge SL MIPS Race Helmet


$ 110.00 $ 140.00

A perfect slalom race helmet should be comfortable, sleek, and provide the protection you expect. Giro has met these needs with the Ledge SL MIPS slalom helmet, a new race model to bring them back into ski racing. With hard shell construction on the outer shell, this is fused with an EPS foam liner that proves durable and resilient against gate impacts on the head. Top that off with MIPS, a Multi-Impact Directional System designed as a small liner attached to the inside, protects your head and brain from the off-angle impacts and rotational forces by allowing the outer shell to move independently which as a result, reduces the severity of impact before reaching your brain. 

The In Form Fit System gives you the opportunity to dial in a snug, sleek fit by allowing vertical adjustment tuning by a simple turn of the dial. With the slower speeds of slalom racing, it can get a little hot inside the helmet too so Giro combated this issue by creating Super Cool Vents. This ventilation technology work by pulling fresh air inside while pushing unwanted hot air out through the back of the helmet and combined with Stack Vents, goggles stay clear and fog-free.

When you're finished slashing gates, the chinbar is easily removable so you can continue riding the mountain in any fashion.


  • MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact System)
  • In Form Fit System - Vertical Tuning
  • Super Cool Vents and Stack Ventilation
  • Removable chinbar, goggle retainer, and earpads
  • Compatible with all Giro goggles