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Briko Vulcano FIS Ski Racing Helmet


$ 229.95 

*Chin guard not included.

FIS RH2013 Stickered and Certified

OK, we know you can wear something that makes you look 6 years old again, but Briko's all new Vulcano FIS ski racing helmet has a straight forward design that looks sharp and clean. Top that with high level safety features and you have a ski racing helmet that is not only cool to wear but also a helmet that knocked the safety testing right out of the park! Our second season carrying the Briko Vulcano hot last season and sure to be our best seller this season!

With Briko's Speed Proven design, all the Vulcano FIS ski racing helmets meet and exceed the new 6.8 Standard as defined by FIS making it among the best helmets available for ski racing today and worn by many World Cup athletes.

All the Briko Vulcano FIS ski racing helmets include the Protetto, an additional device the increases the protection to the back of the head. This ABS, high impact, flexible and resistant appendix with additional anti shock material improves protection from major concussions. The Protetto is included with every Vulcano FIS helmet.

Winner of a 2014-2015 ISPO Award!

FIS RH 2013 Ski Racing