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Beast Ski Base Tuning Guide


$ 19.95 

This stainless steel and polycarbonate design is tremendously successful with ski tuning techs around the world. This uniquely designed ski base edger features angled side arms, a "tongue" file grip, and ergonomic finger rests, all allowing for efficient cutting and an easy, comfortable grip. The stainless steel floating elevation bar tilts the file or stone at a precise angle for easy set-up and maintenance of base edge bevels.

The polycarbonate used in the Base BEAST main frame is one of the toughest and most stable materials available and is used in many high tech applications, including eyeglass lenses, Blu-ray discs, and bulletproof shields.

The accuracy of the Base BEAST is assured by a patented design, which maintains the base angle with a precise stainless steel elevation bar set at the optimum distance from the ski edge.

This durability of material combined with an accurate, easy to use design makes Base BEAST the #1 selling base edge beveler in the World!

This is a shop favorite! We have been using the Base Beast for over 10 years and find it accurate and very easy to use.

Avaialble in .5, .75, 1, and 1.5 degree bevels. The 1 degree is the most widely used and recommended base bevel while .5 for slalom and .75 for giant slalom is also recommended.