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Briko Lava 7.6 PP Ski Racing Goggle


$ 219.95 

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The Lava is a cutting edge performance goggle. It features an extra wide 7.6” lens which is crucial in racing whether you are looking laterally at slalom gates or in a compact tuck doing 90mph. The very flexible nylon NASTEK lens filters the blue light and increases contrast while sharpening the image and increasing the reaction time. The Bumper System helps prevent hard impacts to the face and the Slider System improves the fit while the Racing Cap helps from ‘twitchy’ eyes at high speed. Photo/Polar Gray lens and a double clear lens will be available as a spare lens.


  • Bumper System - Makes for a softer, more contouring google. Frame structure is made by diagonal flexible bridges that collapse in case of frontal crashes
  • Racing Cap - The frame is compatible with a racing cap that closes the upper vent in case of extreme low temperatures and to block any air distracting your eyes
  • Slider System - The lens is centrally fixed to the frame, freeing the lateral slides and allowing them to flex with the frame
  • Flexa System - The goggle frame is highly adaptive to a user's face thanks to the soft TPU material and to the ergonomic cuts made on certain contact points